My American Landscape XIX

The Center for Wooden Boats, Seattle, WA

I digress a little here. While on a quick Grandchildren vacation, we stopped at the CWB. Anytime I get a chance to admire wooden boats, I’ll make the opportunity. Lovely Spring day last year with our two oldest Grandsons.

They are pictured admiring a vintage Bristol Bay gill-netter, from the Alaska Packing Association, Naknak, AK (APA – NN). They were wondering how sailing worked. That was easy in this downwind situation. The wind is simply pushing them along. However when the vessel moved to an upwind posture, the understanding of the sail becoming a wing and ‘lifting’ the boat forward, . . . not so much.

Both boats pictured from their bow forward are vessels being restored. Both have incredible pasts. The sail boat, a unique design that out performed similar boats in its class. The power launch. One of Lake Washington’s first combustion engine propelled vessels. What is fondly called a ‘one lounger, or a deck ponder many variations’ simply put a single cylinder engine.

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