My American Landscape XXXV

John Storvik, thank you. Storvik Provided the Finances to Create Washington Park, WA

I have spent more of my life in the Northwest corner of the State of Washington than I have any other part of the country. There are places that call to me on regular basis.

The 102-year-old Washington Park, Anacortes, WA, is one such place. These images were made December of 2016. In typical NW weather fashion, the colors, mood and heart of this amazing place became the pallet of nature’s creation.

I enjoy b&w photography. However, as I used to tell my staff,  ‘We see in color’ why not produce color images?’ Well, after seeing the evolution of color photography – it continues to be a point of discussion. Color, as influenced by the the over-saturated, hyper-sharp influence of the television industry, or black and white.

I present both in this post. Personally – the black and white images gently press upon my eyes and stirs my heart.

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