My American Landscape XXXVIII

Water’s Influence and the Land of Dry Farming

The Inland Empire of Eastern Washington is a landscape of a massive river bed. The Missoula Floods created massive deposits of arid soil. When looked at from a satellite view, one can see the gentle undulations created by water flowing over hard and soft soils. Not unlike what you see at the beach. Many origin grains have grown on these lands for centuries. Many rye, wheat and barley grasses continue to be propagated in their more modern form.

The regions shown here are South of Starbuck, WA, on the Kellogg Hollow Rd, McKay WA. This region relies on the deep water that is stored below the soil. There is little to no irrigation in this region. The grasses grow according to Nature’s will. Just northwest you can find the crop circles of irrigation. Interesting contrasts.

I actually prefer the black and white image. Knowing many wish to see the color, I give you color as well. Enjoy.

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