(r/w) Round Wood the Beginning

A boy with a camera messing around with found wood on a lathe

A little over a year ago, I was given a lathe for my birthday. Worried about my retired leisure time – my wife knew that given the opportunity to, I would mess around with a woodworking tool. Yes, it has begun to occupy more of my time.

When not behind by camera, walking my wife’s’ dog, Emma, watching some of my grandchildren grow, yes you will find me making wood chips and sawdust.

I have discovered the necessity of keeping tools sharp, wood turning at the proper speed, sanding techniques and yes, patience. Waiting for wood to stabilize once turned into a blank can be a bit like watching water come to a boil set at low.

All of the pieces shown are or will be for sale. Most are simply object to be appreciated for their natural beauty. Each are crafted me, Martin Waidelich, each signed, numbered (sequenced according to their order of creation), sanded and hand finished with Danish Oil (my custom combination of linseed oil and varnish) and hand rubbed.

The journey begins.

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