My American Landscape XL

Lost in the Land of Dry Farming

I always feel awkward when I am not able to locate where I made images. This is one of those moments.

We are somewhere West of Starbuck, WA. Cell phone service is null and void. More times than I would like to remember. When out in the Palouse, I get disoriented. Yes, you should be able to use shadows to determine which is North, South, East and West. But when you get back in the car and you drive, you discover – not quickly – that you have driven the same road an hour or so ago. And then you look at your fuel levels.

What to do? Find a road that will take you to the top of one of the hills. Generally you can pick up a faint cell signal. You can also see the roads well. Pesky forks in the road will mess you up every time.

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