My American Landscape XLIII

Reflections of Fibonacci
Water, sand, sky and clouds. Leonardo Bonacci, Leonardo of Pisa, Leonardo Pisano Bigollo, or Leonardo Fibonacci, had to have been a beach child.


Pretty sure the only time he spent near water was with the merchants of the Mediterranean where he learned, refined and defined the Hindu-Arabic form of mathematics. One of many of his mathematical formulas has defined the patterns of nearly all living creatures and fauna. The Fibonacci number, defines mathematically the patterns of sunflowers, pineapples, snail shells and our own DNA sequence.

If I were a mathematician,  I could provide you the formulas for each of these images. Alas, you are in luck. But just for fun here is the formula that defines the natural patterns of flowers, tree branches and perhaps sandscapes.


You get the drift. You just keep the sequence/variation going.

These images are some of the continued posts of my four-night stay on the Long Beach Peninsula, WA.


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