My American Landscape XLIV

Wood and Steel: When the camera has a mind of its own

This post is dedicated to my fellow photographers, creatives, writers, journalists, and lovers of life.

It is with admiration that I watch you live your lives as contributors to our understanding of our life on our precious blue orb. Floating in our existence, we focus so well on what we do everyday. Occasionally we look back and just wonder. That is where I was night before last while chatting with my friend Ira.

Occasionally we just get stuck and begin to question what it is we are doing. How we create and always, why? Since my ‘back-insult’ (my then doctor Philip Andress’ apt, if understated description) there has been a loop running in my head. Sorry, the loop is not complete.

But. A reoccurring theme, ‘does what you are doing matter’? If it does, then what? What will it change? Are we destined to repeat what we have seen others do? Will examining our life in our own perspective help understand ourselves and or those we love and care about?

It is my challenge, to simply continue to do what it is I do and hope for understanding later. Your indulgence is appreciated.

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