r/w – Siblings from the Same Branch


When Cracks Change An Idea
They were two rounds created months ago. Both American Elm, both from the same branch, tree, both appeared similar. But when they were on the lathe, they each revealed different personalities.

One was solid. A confident piece ready to become anything. Just the slightest cutting reveal veins with complex textures and light reflections. A bit like a prism. Or a complex person who is pleasant to observe.

The other was challenging. Cutting away cracks that could break the piece in half. Hard but fragile at the same time. We see these people all the time. Until you peel away the layers they seem fragile. Ready to break apart. These cracks, something to be avoided at all costs. Imagine having a piece that you are cutting on simply leave the lathe without your permission. Let’s just leave those stories for another time.

The second piece required shaving away wood to reveal where the solid piece lived. When all was revealed, there was a strange shape. The characteristics were rounded and presto, a beehive. A beehive? That is what it looks like to me. The first, a lovely, almost elegant vessel. The sibling, . . . a beehive.

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