My American Landscape XLVIII

A Year of Snow and Cold (for we in the Inland Northwest)

Almost a year ago we were already several weeks into our ‘winter wonderland’. This post is being written during the last week/first week of December. We had a few days of snow in the middle of October. My response – “I am not doing five months of snow. If this stays, I am leaving”. For the record, last year I shoveled snow very morning for over two months. Total accumulation, ten feet.

I get grumpy when I am required to do the same thing over and over, when all you are trying to do is maintain a simple access and egress from your garage. Not to mention having a clear safe sidewalk for all the neighbors who walk the neighborhood.

This has been a bit of a rant. So I give you this paltry image display. These are from Idaho’s Lake Cor d’aLene Parkway State Park, Higgins Point. The osprey, bald eagles and many duck species gather here as part of their migration south. This day found eagles roosting in trees protected from the wind, no ospreys and very few ducks. The ambient temperature was 13 degrees before wind chill factored.

Being the water person that I am, given that I got to spend it by the water, made it a good day.


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