r/w That Blue Grey Color

Pine Bark Beetles. Not a friend of Pine forests.

They do leave behind a signature so distinct, that even after creating a bowl complete and finished. A Forester looked at it and said. “That tree was dead when it was harvested”.  A few questions later and the reason for the deduction was make clear.

The Pine Bark Beetles injects a hormone into the tree that is deadly to the tree. It’s finger-print is a blue-grey staining of the grain the is very obvious. Local’s around here have referred to the affected wood as ‘blue pine’. But alas, I’m going to go with my friend’s assessment. After all, he was a Forester, Ranger and eventually the Director of Land Management of Idaho. I’m just going with Pine Bark Beetle hormones.

Although I must say that I was enamored with the ‘blue pine’ moniker.



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