My American Landscape XLIX

The ‘back-roads’ of Washington

Two lane roads wander all through the Northwest Inland Empire. Unlike the Interstate Highways these roads are the veins that support much of the agricultural activities of Washington State. More on this in another post. Mostly I wanted to chat about the following.

They also provide the less hurried traveler a retreat from the onslaught of four-lane crazed drivers.

I drive a modest car. A 1998 white Subaru Outback. We in the NwIE appreciate the season specific rains. We also know how to drive in the snow. All wheel drive vehicles are a part of the equation. Thus, the reason I traded in my really nice Passat for the Subaru. Because I travel from the NwIE to the Nw of this state every-other month. Travel needs to be a pleasant as possible. Early morning or late afternoon hours are my preferred travel times. The light is stunning and fellow travelers are moving about leisurely. Making the six hour travel, more peaceable.


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