My American Landscape – L

A year of wandering with a pocket camera. It was a difficult decision. After more than, well, you really don’t need to know how many years. Many. Will simply have to do. I gave up my shoulder camera for one year. My shoulder cameras have been Fuji, Pentax, Nikon, Leica, Canon and now FujiFilm. The FF is a bit of a contradiction. FujiFilm. There is no film, there is no mirror and there is a live screen on it’s back. I enjoy my XE-2. It is a solid camera and the selection of lens is good.

Refreshing Old Discipline

It is time to return to better reproduction of images and thoughts. I was out walking Carolyns’ dog, Emma the other day. You’ve seen many images of her. She is a golden-doodle with the energy of a nuclear reactor, the impulse of a three year old and the brains, well let’s just say, she’s often…