Refreshing Old Discipline

It is time to return to better reproduction of images and thoughts.

I was out walking Carolyns’ dog, Emma the other day. You’ve seen many images of her. She is a golden-doodle with the energy of a nuclear reactor, the impulse of a three year old and the brains, well let’s just say, she’s often the smartest mammal in the room. I just need to have a better translator than the one they gave me.

So we are out along side the Spokane River, not unusual. Emma is running up and down the hillside to the water below the high bank. I notice a friend on the opposite side of the river riding the Centennial Trail. A lovely paved path from north of Spokane all the way to Idaho. I raise my hand, look down and realize I am doing the same thing that a statue is doing. Well, nearly the same thing.

This way wandering, A Welcome –

The modest differences:

  1. I was not wearing tasseled buck-skin.
  2. I did not have a coon-skin cap.
  3. I was not open-carrying a musket.


  1. We were both waving.
  2. We were both standing on the same side of the river.
  3. My ‘open-carry’ happened to be a Chuck-it handle. Just as the pioneer, mine was not loaded.

So there you have it. The beginning of a new chapter after a year absence.

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