My American Landscape – L

A year of wandering with a pocket camera

It was a difficult decision. After more than, well, you really don’t need to know how many years. Many. Will simply have to do. I gave up my shoulder camera for one year. My shoulder cameras have been Fuji, Pentax, Nikon, Leica, Canon and now FujiFilm. The FF is a bit of a contradiction. FujiFilm. There is no film, there is no mirror and there is a live screen on it’s back. I enjoy my XE-2. It is a solid camera and the selection of lens is good.

I digress. All of the images that will be posted under the “Pocket Camera” menu item are currently being made with really old pocket computer technology. The camera on my iPhone SE. All images were also edited on the ‘phone’ using Snapseed by Google. A versatile non-destructive software that is easy to use.

An aside. The iPhone SE has more computing power the my three original Macs, the FX, FX II and Quadra desktop computer combined. There is also more storage on this phone than there was for the entire Bellingham Herald at the advent of digital publishing. I love technology.

One of the challenges with these kind of practices is quality.

Choosing what kind of images to create on a daily basis became a challenge. There is the simple snap shot, random images produced on the fly, the act of making an image inspired from disciplined observation. The curious moment is where photography and I meet. That moment is really the heart of most of my image making. After a while the images started to look similar. With a bit of discipline, the collection began to evolve to more abstract, organizational imagery. “Abstract Organizational Imagery”, I like that.

How my way of seeing the sights, we see, as we wander through our day.  The ordinary in different light. Contrasts of textures, the unexplained, the simple beauty of our world. I trust the disciplines learned and the images produced are pleasing. Although the pocket cameras are easy to use. To use them to their full capabilities require more discipline than one might think.

Included here are some of the highlights of my black and white collection form the past 365 or so days.

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