My American Landscape LI

Fretting – the great parallelizer

So. There are a couple of posts that have stalled me. I have come to the conclusion that I should put them aside. Not forever, just for the moment. Instead, I will share an image or two from recent journeys.

One from the ‘high-valley’ of the Inland Pacific Northwest and another from sea level. During this Covid-time, when and where you are safe, get out and enjoy the beauty that abounds. I know, these images are a bit more on the brooding side. It is just a reflection (a little pun) of my current mood.

If I am brutally honest, I have been working on my health. Both mental and physical. Back pain originating in 1989 and my fathers’ death on March 26, 2020. Natural causes, not Covid or SARS or whatever your flavor. I know, a teaser for sure. More later. Blessings.

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