My American Landscape LII

Discipline – A Lament

Port Townsend Officer Quarters and Enlisted bunk houses.

Have I mentioned how much I admire those who prioritize tasks? Do them and then move along. I have this challenge and my photography is suited to my propensity to fall prey to, or allow myself to become distracted by the very essence of the act of photography. Indulged, distractions.

It just happened. I spelled two words wrong, the software told me and instead of simply pressing on with my thoughts I had to go back and correct the mistake. . . . not a bad thing. Just distracting.

There are two very different photographers whom I admire. Andrew Robert Sharp and Ira Gardner. I should know Ira’s middle name. I am quite sure it is noble. Anyway. These two photographers choose subjects, explore them and post / share and, or sell thier finished pieces.

There’s another of those pesky inept finger spellings.


Andrew photographs every day. His work refined. The honed skill of a journalist of at least a half century. His appreciation of the land and people of mid-Texas is a document of a land and people loved. Visit “Andys’ Ramblings.” He is relentless. I wander around thinking, carrying my camera everywhere and when it suits me I post something. Maybe a year later. Discipline, Andrew exhibits it well. He once explained his passion for his photography simply as ‘the work’.

Beautiful work.

Ira on the other hand would describe the process as the work. The finished product as art. Indeed, the thought, processing and final production combines in the final product as art. Refined, imagined, created. Disciplined. Some of Iras’ work –

Work made Beautiful.

Representation and Interpretation. Visioned and En-visioned. I digress. My point is they are producers of fine work and art that they enjoy sharing in a timely fashion.

I admire their art, work and discipline of their craft.

Included in this post are some images I have recently edited. They are a bit dated. It is amazing that I got this far in the post and haven’t abandoned it for another thought, or another image to be edited.

Discipline – it must be mastered.

I must confess – the black and white images are my favorite. For you color diehards, . . .

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