I have created many websites in my professional career. This site marks a new era on my photography profession. In 2014 I retired from active cash generating photography. For over 40 years I have carried a variety of cameras. Fuji, Nikon, Leica, Canon and back to Fuji – this lovely machines have bore witness to my wanderings. Southwest Pennsylvania, Northwest Louisiana, Pacific Northwest and now in the Inland Pacific Northwest are the regions I have plied my craft.
As an officially retired crafts person. I practice my skills as a photographer and wood turning. Both exercise my desire to create.

The name sake for my Instagram and this website are a tribute to my Grandfather, Conrad and Frank Waidelich. Conrad not much of a photography bluff himself, he did provide me my first light meter. A lovely half-pound piece of rugged durability created by General Electric. Yes, it still works. Frank is my father. I first noticed his Argus C3 when I was headed off to my first job as a camera salesman at Burt Robinson’s Camera in Mt. Vernon, WA. I was all of 17 years old. Dad, corrected my composition my telling me, ‘if it tall, turn your camera on end. It it’s long and wide, just hold the camera level. Center everything’. I’m still working on the centering thing!

The ‘Wood Rounds’ are bowls and plates available for purchase.

I can be contacted at conradfrank51@gmail.com or visit the contact page.