My American Landscape LV

In spite of the mill era’s end. Perhaps because of the end. The change from a resource based economy, to a diverse, service and innovation economy, Bellingham thrives. It thrives because of it’s economic engines. And it’s locale. People simply want to be near the water.

My American Landscape LIV

Wandering and listening to former employees left me haunted, haunted because the closing of the hospital created so much hardship for many families in Sedro-Woolley. There were not enough beds for all of the patients in other state institutions. Thus began the ‘local mental health beds’, attempt to transitional to local ‘mental health care’.

My American Landscape LIV

Our Imagination, Or Our Ghost Ghosts rise each nightUnless it is winterWinter, the longest night They come wrapped in sheetsSheets to define and protect The beauty of the dayShrouded by the winters’ night Roses aslee, the ghosts The ghosts of last summerSweet fragranceDappled colors Our senses awaitFor the ghost of summer

My American Landscape LIII

The buildings developed and built were decorated by the best money could buy. Sandstone, carved and finished in Mexico, marble from Italy and granite from the East Coast. (Old Seattle is similar. Just different tycoons. Lumber, Coal, Salmon.) The brick and stone work create landscapes of contrasting visuals. As well as visual curiosities and questions that can only be answered by some of our most studied historians.

My American Landscape LII

Representation and Interpretation. Visioned and In-visioned. I digress. My point is they are producers of fine work and art that they enjoy sharing in a timely fashion.

Welcome to the 2020 Virtual Little Spokane River Artist Tour

I am please to present my collection of turned wood products. Simply click on the Shop menu Item or the “Shop” link here. I will miss chatting with fellow artist out in the lovely valley of the Little Spokane River. Take your time and remember to wander back to The Little Spokane River Artist Tour…

My American Landscape LI

Fretting – the great parallelizer So. There are a couple of posts that have stalled me. I have come to the conclusion that I should put them aside. Not forever, just for the moment. Instead, I will share an image or two from recent journeys. One from the ‘high-valley’ of the Inland Pacific Northwest and…

r/w Pine Bark Beetles, again

Wanderings this weekend took me through an ageing pine forest. The tranquility of the vast stand was a welcome relief from the confines of “Stay Home, Stay Healthy”, mantra. As you enter, the embrace of spice takes over your olfactory. The cinnamon scent of the Ponderosa Pines. Go to the warm, sunny-side of the tree….

My American Landscape – L

A year of wandering with a pocket camera. It was a difficult decision. After more than, well, you really don’t need to know how many years. Many. Will simply have to do. I gave up my shoulder camera for one year. My shoulder cameras have been Fuji, Pentax, Nikon, Leica, Canon and now FujiFilm. The FF is a bit of a contradiction. FujiFilm. There is no film, there is no mirror and there is a live screen on it’s back. I enjoy my XE-2. It is a solid camera and the selection of lens is good.

Refreshing Old Discipline

It is time to return to better reproduction of images and thoughts. I was out walking Carolyns’ dog, Emma the other day. You’ve seen many images of her. She is a golden-doodle with the energy of a nuclear reactor, the impulse of a three year old and the brains, well let’s just say, she’s often…

My American Landscape XLIX

The ‘back-roads’ of Washington Two lane roads wander all through the Northwest Inland Empire. Unlike the Interstate Highways these roads are the veins that support much of the agricultural activities of Washington State. More on this in another post. Mostly I wanted to chat about the following. They also provide the less hurried traveler a…

r/w That Blue Grey Color

Pine Bark Beetles. Not a friend of Pine forests. They do leave behind a signature so distinct, that even after creating a bowl complete and finished. A Forester looked at it and said. “That tree was dead when it was harvested”.  A few questions later and the reason for the deduction was make clear. The…