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If you ever make it into Spokane, WA and wonder up the south hill, you will find these monster trees lining neighborhood streets. They are strong, amazing hardwood that is beautiful to look, hold and work. The Variegated Sycamore. This wood is prized. I acquired these pieces because a friend of a friend mentioned a downed branch that the parks department had cut up and put on the side of the road. I was hoping for more, but alas, it was all gone but for one small branch.
If you study the grain, you will see the regular growth lines. But the magic happens between the growth rings. There are thousands of dark ‘granules’ between the rings. These little bits make working with this wood a dream. And. Helps to give visual depth on otherwise attained. Glassy smooth and buttery soft all at the same time. A lovely little live edge bowl worth of any precious you wish to put inside.

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Variegated Sycamore – Bowl

Approximately 5 1/8 inches diameter. 2 1/2 inches high.

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